Is this owner a Genius or an Idiot?

I just read a story about the TOPLESS Coffee Bar in Maine.  You did not read that wrong.. TOPLESS Coffee Bar.  It is located in Vassalboro, Maine.  Naturally, there are signs that prohibit anyone under the age of 18 and they do not allow Cameras or Touching (can you blame them?).

See full size image

What I didn’t understand is why the sign also reads “Cash Only”?!?!

Now, before some of you take a trip to Maine and check it out for yourself, you should know that this place has both men and women servers.  So be prepared to distribute your money equally.

On a serious note, the town did try to fight the opening of the coffee shop but the town officials declared that it had met all legal guidelines.

Is the owner a Genius because his marketing is ‘out of the box’ or is he destined for failure because he will not receive the support of the community around him?