Scrabble for iPhone – Free Application “Words with Friends”

Periodically, I check out the Applications available for the iPhone. I’ve downloaded several, including Tweetie… which is my personal favorite Twitter Application for iPhone.. and thats because I have tried a few others.

Recently I came across an application called “Words with Friends”. Its basically SCRABBLE that you can play with your friends or random players online.

Don’t worry, you keep your name and number a secret if you would like. After downloading it, you’ll be asked to create a user name (which you can switch every day if you want to). Then choose who you want to play.. someone from your Contacts, someone from Twitter / Facebook, or some Random player online.

While playing, you can choose a word and then sign-out. Your phone will tell you when its your turn. You’re welcome to talk with the other player through a game board. Again, no phone number or real name is displayed.

If you are a real Scrabble addict, you’ll be happy to know that you can play several games at a time. I’ll warn you though, its VERY addicting. I was not a scrabble player before, but I’ve been playing quite a bit over the past 4 days since I’ve downloaded it.