Texas Relocation – Part 3 Temporary Housing

Texas Relocation – Part 3

If you have followed the other two parts, then you are mentally prepared to move and have found a home in your new area. In Part 3 of 9, we will discuss Temporary Housing. A temporary home is used when there is a gap between the date you move our of your old home/rental and when you move into your new home.

Having a gap in your move can be caused by a few things. For example, if you purchased a brand new home that is being built. The home may not be ready for another month or two, but your company needs you at the new location now. During this two month period you may find a home or apartment that is available now and will allow you to keep a short lease.

How do you find a temporary home?

Finding the right rental is very similar to finding the right home. If you are relocating for your company, check your employer’s policy on rentals. In some cases, the company will pay the deposit and may pay for the termination of the lease (should there be one)

You may also consider talking with the Real Estate Agent or Relocation Specialist you worked with when finding your home. Since they are familiar with the area, they could probably find a temporary home that is in a great location, is the right size for your family, and can accommodate your short term living arrangement. In bigger cities, apartment locating services are available. Two other solutions can be the local Newspaper Classifieds which can be hit-or-miss if you don’t know the territory, or a co-worker in the new area may be able to direct you.

Just like when you were looking for your home, be specific with your needs. Even though it will be temporary, you still do not want it to 100% inconvenient. How many rooms do you need? Do you need public transportation? How much rent do you want to pay? What services / amenities are important to you? The more specific you are, the easier it will be to find a home that will fit your temporary needs.

Naturally, you want as much comfort and convenience as you can find. You may not have all of the conveniences of a permanent home, but you can come close. Look for something with pleasant surroundings and sufficient space. You don’t want your family to feel inconvenienced, cramped, or depressed with the decor – even if this is temporary.

Many ‘Short Term’ rental properties come equipped with china, linen, and some may even have maid service. You’d be surprised with how far ‘temporary housing facilities’ have come due to their popularity. This is especially common in newly developed areas. Look for assistance from the Relocation Specialist or Real Estate Agent. More than likely, they are familiar with these developments and point you in the right direction.


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Like many who have a blog, I have seen a good share of calls because homeowners have found me on the internet.  I don’t live in a huge city like Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, Orlando, etc.  I live and work in Frisco Texas.  Our population is just under 105K (which is not a small city, but in comparison its not large either).  As a matter of fact, we still do many things like a small town.

Anyway, I’ve had homeowners find me on the interenet because they were looking up ‘First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit Frisco Texas’.  Typically those calls/emails were pretty local.  I welcome all of them, even if they homeowner had already made the purchase.

This weekend I received my first phone call outside of our great state of Texas.  This call was from South Dakota and the homeowner is looking to relocate to Keller Texas.  Although I do not market under Keller Texas, the homeowner was still able to find me on the internet.

So… Thank you Google (specifically Activerain) for helping people find my on the internet easily.  I’ve been able to assist a few homeowner’s already and I look forward to assisting many more that look to move in and around Frisco Texas.


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