How do you know the holidays are near? … Who said ‘Starbucks’?

Oh, it was me!  This morning I took a trip to our local Starbucks … ok.. ONE of the local Starbucks (I think we have 4).  Typically on a warm day, I’ll have a cold drink like the iced latte, a frappaccino, or a regular iced tea.  To my surprise, I saw this while standing in line…


I can not resist a hot coffee when I see the red cup for the first time.  This is the first sign that the holidays are coming.  And wouldn’t you know it… they have the EGGNOG Latte. Have you tried this drink before?  You have to be an eggnog drinker to really enjoy it.  I’ll admit, I was not an eggnog drinker and still don’t have a lot of it.  But this latte is very tasty.  If you like an occasional eggnog drink for the holidays, I highly recommend the eggnog latte.  Starbucks serves a few holiday drinks from now until the beginning of the year.  I believe the other drink is the Gingerbread Latte.  My wife swears by that drink as well.

I know its early, but happy holidays!

** The above picture was not taken by me.  I copied it from a Starbucks website.  My picture was not coming out right and I took it a few times.  But then people started to look at me funny so… ‘copy/paste’ **