My SEO Training – I am paying attention and seeing results!

Earlier today I completed Webinar #5 of 9 with Coach Katerina GassetThese webinars are called “SEO TO THE TOP”.  For the past 5 Wednesdays, a groups of us have gotten together for about 1 1/2 – 2 hours to learn about SEO.  For those that are unsure, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.  If you are not familiar with SEO, not just what it stands for, but what it can do for your business, I HIGHLY recommend you talk with Katerina.

By the time our 9th week is complete, I will have pushed my external website and my blog to the top of page ONE on Google (that is the goal anyway).  So far we are only half way through and I have learned a TON.  Below is something that just happened today and is an example of how I applied what I learned.

Earlier today I was in the class and we were going through examples of posts written earlier in the week.  According to Coach Katerina, we should see our post on Google within 4 hours – 24 hours (depending on how often we blog).  We reviewed about 4 examples and during each example, Katerina would make suggestions on how to push the post up the page even further.

I was very excited to use one of my examples.  The example was about First Time Home Buyer in Frisco Texas.  Wouldn’t you know it… my site was NO WHERE to be found.  However, we did find a post from Loreena Yeo of 3:16 Team Realty.  How embarrased was I?  After all, it had been over 2 days since I wrote the post.  We were able to find the other examples at least within the first 2 pages of google.  My post was not found on page 1, 2, or 3.  As a matter of fact, we were unable to find it at all.  So, to save further embarrassment, we moved on to Loreena’s post.

Shortly after class, I decided to review my post further.  I took my time to review the notes made by Coach Katerina to the other participants, plus reviewed what we had learned in the previous 4 classes.  It took me about 35-40 minutes to review all of the details she had shared with us and to implement the changes within my post.

Around 3:30 today, I republished the post with the changes made.  Tonight at 7:45 pm, I checked google to see if anything new happened… check it out..




number-2Thats right… Listed as # 2 for First Time Home Buyers Frisco Texas.  My next target is for the #1 spot, but I may need to wait until after my 9th class and I understand exactly what the other person did to get to number one.

Bottom line… If you are not in the top 4 of your “KeyWord” search, you really need to contact Katerina Gasset.  I have learned a TON of things and this is just one example of how I used that knowledge to move my way up for this particular keyword.

Another example of why I will “See you at the TOP!”

Are you familiar enough with SEO so that your post or website will show up on page one?  I’d love to hear from those of you familiar and unfamiliar with SEO.