New Badge on Blip.FM

Do you BLIP? If you are not fmiliar with, it is a website that you can play music on your laptop or desktop. I’ve found most tracks to be available but maybe I have not searched hard enough.

I’ve been a member of (Free) since October 2008. I think I was actually introduced to it by Jason Crouch… but I may be wrong. Anyway, the site itself is easy to use and allows me to listen to music all day long. Similar to Twitter, you have the option to follow your ‘favorite DJs’ and listen to what they play, or you can play your own music and people will listen to your playlist. You can even send little messages with your ‘blips’.

Recently, they implemented new badges. The most recent badge I received was the “Pioneer Badge”. This particular badge means that I blipped a song that has never been blipped before. There are plenty of badges to receive.

Level 1 Pioneer badge

Honestly, I don’t play music for these badges. I play a wide variety of DJs. Its much better than listening to the same 6 sogs that are played on the radio station. So do you blip?

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