About John Cannata

Hello and thank you for visiting my blog.

On a personal note… Moved to Frisco Texas from Southern California in June 2004. My family and I have loved every day of it, even during the really hot summers. My beautiful wife and I have two children, two dogs, and two frogs (not sure how we ended up with the frogs). When I’m not at home with the family, I’m probably playing basketball or Texas Hold’em.

I’m a Texas Home Loan Expert that loves to blog. Been blogging since 2008.

A little about my professional career… I am a licensed Loan Officer / Mortgage Consultant in the state of Texas.  I’ve been in the mortgage industry since April 1993.  The company I represent is Supreme Lending, located in Dallas, Texas.  I’m a member of NAMB (National Association of Mortgage Brokers) and TAMB (Texas Association of Mortgage Brokers). These two organizations promote a high standard of Mortgage Brokering ethics.

Within my many years of experience, I have worked with and spoken to many real estate professionals.  I have taken those conversation and experiences and began putting together a weblog in June 2008.  My original blog was posted to ActiveRain, which is a Real Estate Networking website.  This site was designed for real estate professional to network, share ideas, and share experiences.  In November 2008, I created the blog site you are viewing today which can be shared with a wider variety of readers.

Within this blog, I have shared marketing tips for Real Estate Agents, Mortgage Professionals, or anyone within a ‘sales’ type position.  If you are a homeowners or thinking about owning a home, I have shared some tips with you as well.  Things to watch for when buying a home, tips on improving your home and getting the most out of your investment.

It’s not all business here… I have added some local events within Frisco, Texas and the surrounding areas.  I’ve also added some random thoughts.  Things that were on my mind at the time and I decided to write a post about it.

I encourage you to share your thoughts with me.  You can do this by adding your comments or contacting me directly.  I welcome ALL comments.

I’ll continue to add to this blog, so watch for upcoming posts.  If you have any suggestions, feel free to contact me.


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