My First Week with Bells Palsy – Ups and Downs

As you may have read previously, I have Bells Palsy. I’m attaching the WEB MD Page, to get a better understanding of this condition. There is no pain what so ever. A quick explanation is that the left side of my face is on vacation. All facial expressions are only displayed on my right side. Its very ODD to me still even though its been a week.

According to my doctor, this should only last a few weeks to a few months. People I’ve talked with who have had it or know of someone that has, all have said it cures itself. So, its just a waiting game. I decided that I’d write a post each week to recap things I’ve made adjustments to and/or how I’m feeling that week.

When the week started, I did not want to look right at people because it was a little embarrassing. I don’t know why. Its not like I did anything wrong (obviously) but I could see people look at my mouth when I talked, smiled, or laughed. And don’t get me started on the blinking.. it looks like I am winking at everyone.

I think I just noticed how people reacted to the way I speak. On the phone, its only certain words that come out a little funny. In my post last week, I mentioned how it was difficult for me to say the letter ‘F’, which makes it difficult to say my phone number. But no worries.. my buddy...Erik Hitzelberger of Kentucky suggested that I learn how to say my number in Spanish. Quite possibly the best and funniest suggestion provided to me thus far.

In person, some people will get distracted by my words coming from the side of my face and usually ask me to repeat what I said. So, naturally, I give a quick description of what I have (so they can move on) and then I repeat myself. From that point forward, they understand what I am saying. Maybe I dont need to clarify… I dont owe them anything.. but I think it helps us move forward. I don’t say it with attitude. Prior to it happening to me, I didnt know it was a condition that just happens and then goes away.

So after a week, I have become more comfortable. Now I make funny faces for my kids. One is called Stink Eye. The kids seem to get quite a kick out of it. Surprisingly, it looks very similar to this (except without the whiskers and pointy ears):


So, although I am getting more comfortable and my words are becoming clearer, I do still have to work on some things. Eating has become easier now that I take smaller bites. Perhaps next week I’ll have made more progress with my comfort and my speech.

Have a great week!


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