How is your market area?

It’s practically May already. Can you believe it? Over the last few months I have read posts and news articles about how the Real Estate market has improved in many ways but not to full form. Could it be the Tax Credit that everyone was talking about in the first quarter? Is it because the media has stopped focusing on ALL the negative and started reporting positive information?

It has certainly picked up for me but mostly refinances. So i cant credit the media or the tax credit. Recently I wrote a post called ‘It Must Be Busy, I Am Not Seeing ALL Of My Friends’ because my friends were missing from Activerain.

Is it due to them being busy or is it because they are no longer selling Real Estate? I actually found thatsome have had to get out of Real Estate. But the media says it’s better so how can that be?

Fact is that many areas have picked up but not all areasWhat are you doing to make sure that you are not a ‘Negative Stat Of The Week’?


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