NBA Playoffs – Who Are You Cheering For?

This is one of my favorite times of the year.  In the first round of the NBA Play-offs, there is a game(s) on each day of the week.  No matter what is going on in business or my personal life, I can always find time to watch my games (if I am not home, I always DVR!)

Here are the three match-ups I am most interested in, although there are many good match-ups (and some you should not waste your time watching)

  • Dallas Mavericks vs San Antonio Spurs (series tied 1-1)
  • Los Angeles Lakers vs Utah Jazz (Lakers leading 1-0)
  • Boston Celtics vs Chicago Bulls (series tied 1-1)

I am originally from Massachusetts and grew up watching the Celtics and Lakers (Bird and Magic).  I carry the same Celtic keychain that was given to over 20 years ago.  I should HATE the Lakers… but I don’t.  I grew to really enjoy watching ‘Showtime’, especially when I moved to California in 1984 (in the middle of the Celtic/Laker rivalry).

Now that I live in Frisco Texas (and even a few years before I moved to Texas) I have been a big Maverick fan.  Many had doubts about the Jason Kidd trade, but I’ve watched this guy since he was playing for CAL in college.  He is a great team player and exciting for me to watch.

So, now I watch the three series and really enjoy the fact that none of them are facing each other.  I can pull for all three teams to move onto the next round.  Still crossing my fingers on the Celtic vs Bulls match-up.  The Bulls pulled out the first win in Overtime, led by the Rookie ‘Rose’ with 36 points and 11 assists.  A great game to watch, with a disappointing ending. The second game was another great game.  Ray Allen finally showed up and won it with a last second 3 pointer.

The Lakers will have an easy SWEEP against Utah, and hopefully Dallas can remain focused against the Spurs (sorry San Antonio fans.. we can still be friends though).  I am hoping to see Dallas / Lakers in the Western Conference Finals.  And in the West, if the Celtics do not make it, I am hoping to see Orlando against the Cavs.

I hope you enjoy the play-offs like I do.  If you don’t then thanks for still reading this post.  🙂


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