How To Obtain More Listings – Part 3 – Value in Education

If you have not been following along – here are the other parts on How To Obtain More Listings

My last post spoke about the value of a unique offer.  The offer must add value rather than discounting your services in order to be unique.  There is one area in which we can always add value to the process and that is education.  Many homeowners do not understand the real estate sales process and educating them gives you several advantages. (quick note – Be careful not to give TOO MUCH information. That can work against you because the homeowner may become confused).


  • You are seen as an expert instead of a sales person.  Experts are much less likely to discount their services.
  • You are being unique – while others are discounting, you are teaching.
  • Your prospects become educated, which makes them better customers.
  • You have the ability to involve your synergy partners – partners who are also giving you referrals.


Education can take many forms.  You might distribute an article on preparing a home for sale.  Or perhaps the article distributed is from a synergy partner.  For example, you might distribute an article on the tax ramifications of selling.  The article could be from a CPA with whom you have a reciprocal referral relationship.

If you would like to get more proactive with educational efforts, try delivering seminars on such topics as getting top dollar for your home in any market or how to purchase a home before you sell your present home.  You could set up these seminars with your synergy partners and/or use association networks to deliver these seminars (for example a homeowners association or a local church group).  In any given week, there are plenty of first-time homebuyer seminars in a particular market, but how many seminars are there for potential sellers?

People prefer doing business with experts.  Set yourself up as an expert and you will be building a foundation for expanding your base of listings.

You can see from most of my posts, I always refer to your synergy partners or business partners.  There are many opportunities to cross reference those that you work with in almost every transaction already.  These individuals work with homeowners too and could be your best source of referrals.  Karen Otto wrote a great post about working with a Home Stager – Arsenal of Influence.  I suggest you check it out, if you haven’t already.  Just another example of possible opportunities.


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