Dallas Association of Mortgage Brokers (DAMB) Event

Whether you are a member of the Dallas Association of Mortgage Brokers (DAMB) or not, you are invited to attend this event.

On March 19th @ 11:30 am, DAMB is hosting an Education and Luncheon @ Bent Tree Country Club.  The special guest speaker is Doug Foster.  Doug is the Commissioner of Texas Department of Savings and Mortgage Lending.  He’ll be speaking about “What’s New on the Legislative Front”. 

Members pay $23.00 for this event, while non-members (or non-reserved) pay $33.00

  • Date – 3/19/09
  • Time – 11:30 am
  • Location – Bent Tree Country Club  5201 Westgrove Drive  Dallas, TX  75248

Are you a member of DAMB?  They have continued to keep me informed with all of the latest changes in our industry.  Well them and Jeff Belonger (LOL).  I know since I mentioned his name, he will read this post.  Anyway, to become a member of the Texas Mortgage Association, go to DALLASAMB.org and register.  There is a small cost, but its well worth it.


2 Responses

  1. John,

    Well, thanks for the polite mention. I guess that’s what is great about Google Alerts. Nice job here at getting a good guest speaker. On a side note, Ken Cook will be my guest speaker tomorrow on my radio show, talking about investment properties and financing. thanks

  2. Jeff – I am going to shoot for making your show this time. I wasnt aware of him being the guest. Haven’t gotten to reading all of my blogs today yet. As you know, yours is one of them. Talk with you soon.

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