I don’t typically ‘Blog Rant’ but this was irritating

Earlier this month, two young gentlemen stopped by the house.  They worked for a company.. let’s call them AT&Z.  They told me about this new system called U-Verse.  Apparently, you can record up to 4 shows on your DVR and can play them on ANY television in the house.  Have you heard about this?

Well, after about a 35 minute discussion (you know the basic back and forth about quality, price, and comparison to what I had already), I decide to go ahead and plan the install.  Bad news, they can not install the system for 3 weeks.  Well, it seemed like a pretty good deal.  My current Cable Programming was working fine and since I was not thinking about switching until they showed up, I figured I could wait 3 more weeks.

The plan was for the installer to come between 10 am and 12 pm.  When I have an appointment like this, it makes it very hard to plan something right before 10 am.  Basically, I planned on working from my home office and would make it out to Dallas after lunch.

At 12:05, I decide to call because the I have not heard anything for atleast a week and no sign of the installer yet.  I speak with Customer Service.  The young lady tells me that they are a little behind by they would be out today.  I inform her that I moved my day around and I’d need a more specific time.  She places me on hold and then comes back and says the installer will be there within 20 minutes.  “GREAT!  I can wait a little longer.”

To my surprise, the installer showed up 15 minutes later.  As soon as he enters, he tells me that I am unable to install the U-Verse system because my house is too far for AT&Z to connect it.  It has to be within 3400 feet of the connector and my property sits at 4100 feet.

So, let me get this right… YOU seeked me out.  I decide to move forward and reschedule my day.  I waste a half day waiting for you to come and install this system.  You are LATE.  And now you are telling me that it was never an option for me in the first place???

Excellent!  You have to love Customer Service sometimes.


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