Mavs Basketball Clinic for Parents and Kids

That’s right, the Dallas Mavericks have put together their 2nd Annual Parents & Kids Basketball Clinic.  Its exclusive for parents and their children and is hosted on the Mavericks practice court, located inside the American Airlines Center.

Only the first 100 participants can attend and the preferred child’s ages are 6-12.  The event is scheduled for February 14th from 10 am – 12 pm.  You sign-up to learn how to play basketball with your kids.  Spend time with your children while they learn the fundamentals of the game (maybe you’ll learn something too).  No, its not the professinal players, but it is the Dallas Mavericks trained Hoop Camp Staff.

What’s the cost?  $35 per person

What’s included with the price?  A chance to play on the Mavs Practice Court, Exclusive Tour of the Mavs Lockerroom, Weight Room, and Training Facilities.  A PKBC T-Shirt, One Ticker per person to a pre-selected regular season game, and Raffles for a chance to win various prizes.

As you can see from the cost, you get quite a bit for your money.  The $35 alone pays for the game, no matter who they play.  Then add how your kids get this type of experience and excitement.

It’s a great deal!  As I mentioned, it’s only available to the first 100 applicants.  Go to for details or call 214.747.MAVS (6287).


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