A Look at 2008 North Texas Real Estate Statistics

Finally, 2008 is over. I always like to see how many homes we sell in our area. Since I am working on these numbers, I thought I’d share. Sure, its another report on Real Estate Statistics but not necessarily within my area.

Below is are the numbers from 2008 in comparison to 2007. As you will see, it was a tough year. I think that is not a surprise to anyone. As I looked at the numbers a little further, there were many positive things found. For example, in many areas the values either held their value and some even gained slightly, as reflected in the average sale price. So while the rest of the nation and much of the Metroplex struggle to cope with declining values, homeowners in the Northern suburbs continue to benefit from home ownership. With interest rates at historic lows, that makes the present moment an excellent time to buy. If nothing else, talk to your past clients about refinancing opportunities – and while you’re at it, maybe you can interest them in trading up. Mortgage rates dropped 1.3% since the first of November – that represents a savings of roughly $175 a month on a $200,000 note – the upshot being that qualified borrowers can afford more home for the same payment if they act quickly. Opportunities are everywhere. The media sees the present economic situation as an opportunity to bum everybody our. We just need to take their lemonds and make them lemonade… or maybe rim a martini glass.

2009 is going to be a better year, but you have to make that decision for yourself.

City   Avg Sale      Price    Compared    to 2007 # of Sales Compared to 2007
Addison 303,402 -2.4% 84 -32.0%
Allen 235,321    No change 1424 -16.8%
Carrollton 179,294 -1.8% 1314 -15.0%
Desoto 137,491 -9.9% 800 1.0%
Frisco 305,002 1.0% 2480 -11.5%
McKinney 215,771 -2.3% 2288 -18.6%
Plano 261,375 -1.8% 3201 -16.4%
Richardson 198,119 1.1% 1007 -19.8%

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