Coffee with the Mayor – Frisco, Texas


During our last meeting, the Mayor wanted to move this venue to a new location each month.  This month, we are moving the venue to Frisco’s Emergency Operations Center (E.O.C.).  Mayor Maso welcomes all residents of Frisco to join him for a cup of coffee, casual conversation, and a danish.  Each meeting is scheduled for the 2nd Monday of each month.  Its a great 1 hour discussion about our great city.


When – 1/12/09 @ 8 am

Where – Frisco’s Emergency Operations Center (E.O.C.), located inside Frisco Central Fire Station – 8601 Gary Burns Dr.

Discussion Topic – Casual Conversation about our community, developments, etc.

“Coffee with the Mayor” is one of Mayor Maso’s communication initiatives.  During each meeting, we have approx 25+ citizens.  If you would like more information about this meeting, go to, click on ‘Communication’ and find ‘Coffee with the Mayor’.

Hope to see you there.


John Cannata    p# 214.545.5604

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