Success with Open Houses (part 4) – Preparation

As always, I am attaching the links to the previous blogs – parts 1 to 3:

  1. Success with Open Houses – Part 1 (Attitude)
  2. Success with Open Houses – Part 2 (Focus on outcome)
  3. Success with Open Houses – Part 3 (Planning)

As we learned in the last blog, it is important to hold the open house at the right time, on the right date, and in the right location for the circumstances.  It is also just as important not to facilitate a disaster once your guests arrive.

  • The owners – You have herad thie time and time again – make sure they are not present.  Owners do not take kindly to browsers loughing at their wallpaper choice.  But do make sure they spend some time preparing the house under your instructions and are reachable for questions during the open house.
  • No teenagers or pets – Clear the other residents as well.  A teenager may opt to “stay in their room,” but no one is comfortable knocking on a door to disturb someone – even if the music is not blasting.
  • Creating the atmosphere – Open the blinds and bring in some flower arrangements.  Many resourceful agents have sild arrangements they use again and again.  Perhaps get some scented candles or plug-ins.
  • Cover the flaws – In addition to cleaning up, make sure the rooms with blemishes are painted and touched up.  Remember, the blinds will be open and stained carpets will be more noticeable.  The time to do this is before the open, not afterwards.
  • Practice onjection responses – If you have planned well, you will know potentional objections.  The secret to handling objections is to know your responses ahead of time.  Be ready with questions, such as – “what do you think of a fenced-in backyard?” – as an answer to such questions as “isn’t this street too busy for children?”  Be prepared.

As I stated in the planning stage, arrive early.  Make sure the planned cleaning really happened.  Sometimes your definition of clean does not coincide with the owners definition of clean.  Or perhaps they decided to ‘stay home’ at the last minute.

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Want to start the open with a great attitude and be ready to sell, sell, sell?  The place to start is with preparation for disaster avoidance.

Do you have any additional suggestions to prepare for your open house?  I’ll be discussing ‘getting the word out’ in the next post.  Watch for the latest update.

Make every day great!


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