What can you do for THEM?

In previous posts, I wrote about the importance of listening to your prospects and get them talking.  Below I have continued my thoughts on what was originally going to be 4 or 5 blogs but is now up to 6.  You can check out previous blogs by clicking here

The objective of questioning and listening to your prosecpt over the phone is to understand the needs of that prospect.  There will come a point in the conversation that you must state that you can or can’t meet these needs.  Despite the fact that this brings to the point in the conversation that you will be doing the talking, you should not get carried away.  Your job is complex and there are a thousand factors that will determine your ability to affect how well you will be able to meet the needs of the prospect.  Regardless of the individual situation, you should be able to summarize what you can do for them in a very concise and unwavering benefit statement.

What makes you unique?  Why should they do business with you?  What is it that you bring to the table?  It is the answer to these questions that will help you formulate your Unique Selling Proposition, or USP.  Having your USP ready to inject into the conversation at the right time is essential to thes sales process.  The key is the fact that the timing must be right.  You must have learned their needs and the USP must help clarify why you are the person to help them with their needs.

The word unique is key.  If you tell them the same thing as everyone else (such as – I will give you great service), they may not be moved to take action.  Only you can say something like – I have sold more homes in the Broadtree Subdivision than anyone else in the past ten years – and 80% of these sales have been to first time homebuyers just like you.

This is the point – when you finally get to talk – be ready, be on target, and move them to action.  Only your own unique benefit statement can accomplish this objective.


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