Do you ask for the right to ask questions?

This is part 5 (so far) of my blog regarding Sales. Check out my previous posts.

We have established that you must listen to be successful in selling over the phone.  In order to listen, you must get the caller to talk.  In order to get the caller to talk, you must ask questions.  But first, you must ask their permission to ask questions.  Remember, in our scenario, they called you to ask questions.

For example, the call may start like this:     I am calling about the listing you advertised on 22nd Street for $200,000.  Is the seller negotiable?

Before you start firing questions back, you must first make sure that they have agreed to carry-on a conversation with you.  The process of asking is referred to as an enabling statement.  Here is how an enabling statement might be presented in the above referenced sitation –

The seller’s willingness to negotiate would be dependent upon several factors.  Is it all right if I ask you a few questions to determine whether your situation might positively reflect these factors?

If they say no, ask if there is another time when it would be more convenient.  If they ask for a sample of such factors, you might present an obvious one such as how quickly they are willing to settle.  Of course, what you are looking for is a yes so that you can start the questioning or conversational process.

If you just start firing questions back without getting them ready, you are likely to turn them off.  This is just as much a turn off as you doing all the talking and not listening.

Have you found a response that works best for you?


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