A Positive Attitude

As sales professionals, we all have to sell over the phone.  Some of us are great over the phone.  Others see the phone as the interruption in our day.  Before we improve our phone skills, we must recognize two things:

1 – Selling over the phone is not easy.  This statement is especially true when you are dealing with someone you do not know.  You have a few seconds to garner their interest and begin the relationship process.  If you were having lunch with them, the process becomes much easier

2 – Selling over the phone is important.  The phone is not an interruption or an obstacle.  It is a sales tool that can give us the oppotunity for success.  Unless you recognize the importance of this tool in your business plan, you are not likely to spend the time or effort to convert the tool into an instrument for success.

As in all sales, it is our attitude that determines our success.  The phone is no exception.  If we see the phone as an opportunity, we are much more likely to take advantage of that opportunity.  Even more important, those on the other side of the line are more likely to react and respond to someone who is positive.

So the first and most important rule of telephone sales is to be up all the time.  You will never sell on the phone if you sould like you are negative, being interrupted, or just plan unenthusiatic.  You will sell if you are positive, sincere, and sound as if you are enjoying talking with them.  This is a very difficult task because you may be in the middle of a crisis or just having a bad day.  Do not answer the phone if you are not ready to lift someone else’s spirits.

Happy Farming!   John Cannata – Reliant Mortgage


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