The good, the bad and the ugly of marketing

There is good news and bad news with regard to this key to marketing.  The good news is there is no lack of choices when it comes to marketing.  The alternatives are numerous.  I’ve mentioned the options in a previous post, but will list some of them again for those that were not following at the time:

Telemarketing   Newspaper Advertising
Direct Mail   Email  
Seminars   Faxing  
Public Speaking   Networking  
The Internet   Newsletters  


Each of these categories brings dozens of more specific choices to the table.  With so many choices, it should not be difficult to find marketing activities that are effective, right?  In reality, the key is not choosing the activities — the key is implementing the activities.

With so many choices, our tendency is to attempt too many marketing activities at once and this limits the effectiveness of our marketing activities as a whole.  One of the keys to marketing is being consistent.  Attempting too many actions works against the need for consistency.  Since our time and monetary resources available to implement marketing activities are limited – attempting too many severely taxes these resources.

This is not to say that whatever marketing activities are undertaken cannot be linked and therefore become more effective.  For example, if you are holding an open house this activity becomes much more effective if you network effectively.  But in general, if you attempt too many actions you will succeed in none.  This is the main reason most real estate websites are not effective.  There is not time to focus upon making them effective.  We tend to abandon the activity and declare it is not worth the effort.  The key is clear.  With so many marketing actions available, choose carefully and implement consistently for maximum effectiveness.


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  1. Yes you are absolutely right. Thanks for sharing John 🙂

  2. Thanks for the comment.

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